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Is this funny?


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Guerrila Drive-In


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Not The Captain

Insightful Commentary here…

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Reno News and Review Write-up

We get some INK it the RNR

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Congressional approval versus Colonial approval of King George at the Revolutionary War

Congress has a 9% approval rating.

King George had a 15-20% approval rating at the time of the Revolutionary War.


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The dome is getting a new skin! Go to the Moana Site and check it out

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You must watch this:

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An Important Read:

Good Afternoon Supporters of the Occupation! Those of us who have been occupying at Moana pool have had a series of conversations over the last few weeks based on a simple premise: What drives us to sleep outdoors, in the cold, mere minutes from our warm beds and homes.

Over a series of occupiers meetings and informal fireside hash-outs of the issues, we settled on one thought: We are here becau…se the government no longer represents us.

You may have heard this before, but we wanted to reiterate that for those who are occupying Moana Springs, this one thought permeates everything we do or care about. Sure, it may not be a bullet pointed action plan for the revolution, but this one idea is the rallying cry behind our activism, our education, our mission, and our vision-to see the power in this country restored to its free and sovereign citizenry. We are here because we care passionately about creating a space where those ideals can be fleshed out-Moana Springs is a kind of Beta Test for a new way to live, and all good Beta Tests require lots of testers.

It makes us happy to see all the outpouring of support for us on the one hand, but we have now reached a place where all that we really need are a few replenishment items like sandbags and firewood. Our number one call out is for people to take time and be here. If only to sit around a fire-if only to head out to the Lane and hold a sign in defiance, please occupy with us. For Minutes, for hours, for days. This movement grows or dies with the involvement of those who call themselves a part of it. We Who Occupy are defiant, and yet in a very real way, we are weary. We need others to toe the line along side of us, whether at the fire or on the picket line.

After each snow, or each freezing night, the sound of unzippering tents, and fire crackling accompanies the sound of one or a few heading defiantly out to Moana Lane to let the world know that though we are out of the way, marginalized, and freezing cold, we are not going away. Each day that we occupy this place is another day the freedom and equality still exist in this city. Each new morning is a preview of a more equitable tomorrow.

In short, the government no longer represents us, we must represent ourselves, and we need you to add your voice and your body, so that we can be heard over the cacophony of life’s daily ills for the middle class and seen through the blowing static of lies.

Occupy Reno. Occupy Now. Occupy Reno. Occupy Together.


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Shout Out from the Occupy Site (Video)

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We can call this a WIN!

Congratulations to all for the strong message we sent to the banks Saturday. They definitely got the message and, more importantly, so did WE THE PEOPLE. This is a clear WIN and we all should be proud of another successful and effective Action. We are getting it done!

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